Kenwood TK-D740 & TK-D840 digital DMR migration mobile radio


Introducing the new TK-D740/D840 mobiles, launched together with the new TK-D240/D340 portables and completing KENWOOD’s impressive DMR system line-up. Thanks to compliance with MIL-STD and IP54 environmental standards, they can be relied on through thick and thin. As well as handling both analogue and digital communications, these user-friendly DMR radios can even operate in direct mode, without a repeater. They also offer KENWOOD Call Interrupt and also benefit in having
KENWOOD enhanced audio quality. These truly resourceful team members will enable you to make the most of your legacy analogue equipment while also benefitting from digital communications.

Two-slot TDMA

Belonging to the DMR Tier II category, which
covers licensed conventional systems, these radios
are specified for 2-slot Time Division Multiple
Access (TDMA) operation in 12.5 kHz channels.
This means they can offer greater spectrum

Two-in-One – Digital & Analog

These DMR radios can operate in both digital and
FM analogue modes, switching automatically as
needed. Interoperability with legacy analogue
radios allows organizations to migrate to full
digital at their own pace.

Dual-slot Direct Mode

Up to two simultaneous direct-mode subscriber
calls can be supported in a 12.5 kHz channel,
without requiring a repeater, thus doubling
channel capacity.

Call Interuption

In an emergency or whenever a user needs to
interrupt a call, Call Interrupt is available in both
direct and repeater modes, while encoding or
decoding. Also featured are emergency functions
to help protect staff in remote areas, etc

Tough All-terrain

These TK-D740/D840 mobile radios conform to
MIL-STD C/D/E/F/G standards for ruggedness, and
are IP54 rated for water & dust intrusion, making
them more than capable of withstanding harsh
operating conditions.
*Applies only when using a microphone KMC-35 or KMC-36*

2-Digit LED Channel Display with Brightness Control

The large 2-digit LED display provides a clear
indication of which channel is being used, and
the brightness level can be adjusted (high/low) to
suit the time of day and ambient light conditions.
The front panel also features 9 programmable
function keys for enhanced operating ease.

Programmable Blue LED

The blue LED indicator can be customized to
provide useful status information. For example, it
can be used in combination with the orange LED
for Selective Call differentiation.

Clear, Powerful Audio

A radio’s most important quality is clarity – being
able to hear, loud and clear, what the other party
is saying, and these mobiles deliver just that. For
instance, the AMBE+2™ VOCODER technology
accurately replicates natural human speech
nuances for superior voice quality, even with high
levels of ambient noise. Additionally, Voice
Announcement can confirm the channel number,
so there is no need to look at the display. English
is the default language, but Spanish, French,
German, Italian, Dutch and Russian are also

5-Tone Signalling

A series of programmed audio tones is used to
specify one or more radios and initiate a
conversation; all other radios will remain muted.
Several signalling formats are available.

Other features

• Max. 128 ch in 4 zones (32 ch per zone)
• Wide 70 MHz UHF coverage
• 25-5 W Output
• External D-sub 15-pin (DE-15) interface
• External speaker connector (3.5 mm diameter
phone jack)
• Audio output power 4 W @ 4 Ω
• GPS connectivity (future firmware update)
• Single zone and Normal scanning functions
• Horn alert/P.A. function
• Ignition sensing
• Password protection (read/overwrite)
• Minimum volume setting
• Embedded message
• Selective call alert LED
• Late entry
• Analogue signalling: QT/DQT, FleetSync, 5-tone
• Compander per channel
• Squelch level