Walkie Talkie Rental In Malaysia

Why buy and maintain radios at your own costs if it is better to rent/lease/loan no matter the period required? We offer various customized rental plans which also include Easy Entry Plan (EEP), hire purchase, leasing, daily rental, zero maintenance plan to satisfy customers’ requirements.

Walkie talkie rental is a much more cost effective solution and here at MAL-TEL Communication is looking forward to fulfill the demand of walkie talkie rental.

It is more practical to rent a walkie talkie than buy a walkie talkie if you are looking for short term solutions. For example, you have an event running over the weekend and you need the two way radio / walkie talkie for security and event management purpose obviously the perfect solution is to rent the walkie talkie.

Why rent Walkie-Talkie ?

1. When you dont use it permanantly

If you need a walkie talkie for temporary use then it would be a better idea to rent it rather than buying it. Renting doesn’t cost much and you can chose from a variety of used. Walkie talkie rental rates will differ according to what you choose and rent is usually paid for per day use.

2. When you have limited budget 

​If you are on a limited budget and cannot afford to buy a new walkie talkie set it is best to opt for renting one. This saves you from the hassles of buying a low end walkie talkie or short of budget to buy a quality walkie talkie.

​3. Rent one to solve your solution today

​Instead of buying one, MAL_TEL provides you another solution.